What does push me ?

Struggle and succes are two coordinating bodies. But this coordinating bodies works in the atmosphere of society. At a certain time this atmosphere is so supportive to you. They cheer you, like you, care for you. This days are too enjoyable, we are at the top of heaven. 

But at certain time they will ask you what you gained what you achieved. If gained nothing they will not stop for you.  #$hivam

If you failed no one is of you, none cares for your reason of unsuccess. Therefore it is essential that at some point of time leaving everything else behind you should focus on gaining something.

Enjoyment is at its place but struggle is also there. This struggle only achieves success when you will be serious about it.

A mother writing a letter to her son from heaven.

Dear Shiv,
मेरा बच्चा कैसा है ? खुश है ना। Every night while looking towards the tiny twinkling stars in the sky you are imagining me in them. Likewise I always come there for you just to see you from the sky. I know you are missing me more than anybody else. I left you with immense struggle and sorrow. But as you have observed every night each star get shower one day we called it as टूटता तारा. This showered star is under the blessings of god likewise I am under the blessing of god in the heaven. I gave this letter to your grandmother during my last days and told her to give you when you will get mature to read and understand. She might have given you in time. You may hate me that I left you in your childhood without giving you my love and care. But beta you have lot of people around you your father, elder sister, grandmother and grand father. They care for you as like me. Don’t ever hurt them. Be the support of your grandparents, always go with your grandfather for the walk in the evening. Your grandmother had bunch of stories insist her to tell you. Learn from the moral of the stories. When you were inside me for 9 months I dream for you that my child would be so kind, careful, cute and lovable. He will be good person, he will obey his parents, like kanhaiya (कान्हा). Your mumma believes in you. You have good responsibilities to take care of your father and sister. You will be mature one day for this things. You will understand these things.

You look like me so you should behave like your mumma. Don’t cry beta I am always there for you looking from the sky. Whenever you feel alone feel me in your heart, I am there. You are my समझदार बच्चा I am proud of you. How is your father ? I know he takes good care of yourself. He is your both mumma and papa. Never mind his anger he always care for us. Whenever your papa gets angry give him a cute hug. Don’t tease your sister you should see me in her. As u will get older you feel that your aspirations are increasing you should work hard for them. Never take a wrong step to complete your dreams. Nothing is impossible for you. Try to connect with people around you with love and respect, don’t ever run behind money. You are my कान्हा who always stand for the society, for the needy people, for the truth.

Mumma miss you so much, take care of yourself and our family. I am always there to support you. I had kept a gift for you ask your grandmother ?

Your loving,